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Grey Acrylic Foam Tape
Grey Acrylic Foam Tape Grey Acrylic Foam Tape Grey Acrylic Foam Tape Grey Acrylic Foam Tape
Product name : Grey Acrylic Foam Tape
Product No. : ENG0
Material : Red PE,Acrylic Foam,Acrylic Adhesive
Thickness : 0.4mm-3mm
Color : Grey
Size : 800mm*33m, any size for cut roll
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Acrylic Foam Tape/VHB tape Structure
Acrylic foam tape use pure acrylic foam as carrier, coated with acrylic adhesive both side, and laminated with red PE liner.

Grey Acrylic Foam Tape/Grey VHB Tape Technique Parameter

Acrylic Foam Tape/VHB Tape Features
Acrylic Foam Tape have good peel adhesion, initial tack and tensile strength, has perfect performance of waterproof, anti-vibration, heat resistance, sound-proof, durable at both low and high temperature condition, resistant to chemical solvent, moisture, and ultraviolet rays, can bond firmly to a variety surface like plastic, metal, wood, paper and silicon, even can easily stick to irregular surface.

Acrylic Foam Tape/VHB Tape Application: Widely used at automotive, electronics,advertising, building, metal, solar industry.
♦Automobile Industry assembly and decoration : Provide tightly joint for auto parts like anti-collision strip, lamp group, license plate, rear mirror, name plate, decorative plate, sun loop, curtain track, door trim, car fender, lamp reflector, choke plate, etc.
♦Building industry: Provide super high adhesion, dust prevention, and great sealing performance for glass curtain wall, elevator, doors and windows assembly. It works effectively for various necessary function include heat insulation, connection, bundling, amendment, waterproof, sealing, marks, etc.
♦Assembly work for digital and electronic products and home appliance, etc.
♦Advertisement and metal industry: Fix various kind advertising paper, board, plate, marks, etc.
♦Solar industry: Solar battery sealing and fixing, solar module assembly, fixing and sealing.

Acrylic Foam Tape/VHB Tape Package

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